Data Center Solutions

With our best practice expertise in design, implementation and partnership we are able to help data center managers to improve efficiency, reduce power consumption and lower energy costs. We deal with the following

  • Data Center Design and Build
  • UPS and Power Distribution
  • Racks and Accessories
  • Cooling
  • Management Softwares

Data Center Design and Build

Our datacentre design and construct team will help you outfit a cutting edge modular datacentre that meets your growing needs of a hybrid infrastructure-ready datacentre.


We will coordinate power, cooling, IT Infrastructure, networking, datacentre environment checking with a spotlight on datacentre power effectiveness allowing you to accomplish higher flexibility, cost containment, and a more agile impression.

UPS and Power Distribution

Business congruity relies upon a continuous power supply.


Regardless of whether it is a little UPS giving power reinforcement to a single server or a modular UPS for a huge data center and in crucial conditions, we have the scope of answers to address your needs.


With an emphasis on green IT and greatest proficiency, our solutions incorporate UPS, batteries, and management software that is anything but difficult to deploy, configure, and operate.


Racks and Accessories

We have the whole scope of the network, server, and specialty racks and fenced in areas that are enhanced for the simple establishment, cable management, power distribution, and airflow management.


These are supplemented by an entire scope of accessories like KVM Switches, LCD Monitor Consoles, PDU’s and different parts


Server Room Air Conditioners, InRow cooling, and Chillers for data centers – we have the cooling requirement to fulfill every one of your needs


Environmental Monitoring

We give cost-efficient data center security and environment observing machines like sensors, cameras, and different accomplices to help in intrusion identification just as for checking temperature, humidity, fluid, vibration, dust particles, and so on in the data center.

Management Software

Get an instantaneous overview of your data center operations through inventory management, regular device alarms, and area based drill-down.


Our product empowers merchant skeptic management with real-time device errors and data shown inside your server physical design, just as suggestions on the best way to determine issues