Enterprise Computing

BNS helps enterprises to be agile in their growth, by taking care of challenges like Scalability, Datacenter maintenance etc. BNS deals in the following services to  support Enterprises in their growth.

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking Solutions
  • Security
  • Data Centers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization


From a normal entry-level server that is ideal for small start-up organizations up to Software-characterized, cloud-empowered enterprise server, and system that assist you with operating at business speed, our Server portfolio covers them all.

From rack, tower, blades, converged systems, hyper-converged systems, and composable infrastructure, we offer the reach and computing power for a wide range of workloads and environments.


Our capacity arrangements will assist you in operating with the maximum capacity of your information. Run any workload, and get consistent information versatility and local integration to the public cloud.

From simple gigabytes to various petabytes, our capacity portfolio can provide you the capacity, performance, and unwavering quality needed by you.

The portfolio incorporates SAN Storage, NAS Storage, all-flash and hybrid storage, SAN switches, and storage networking alongside big business class software for capacity management and automation.



Our arrangement of systems administration items covers everything from the access layer to the data server. Our systems administration portfolio is intended to quicken your adoption of mobile and IoT initiatives.

From switches and routers to wireless access points and controllers, from network security, network management to area-based administrations and RFID, our portfolio can help connect your organization to your business needs.


Security weaknesses are not bound at this point limited by big business walls. Safeguarding your computerized work environment and gaining visibility and control to react to the assaults to the security of your business.

Our security portfolio assists you to deal with every unique danger and set up your association to proactively fight digital assaults.


Data Centers

Our datacentre design and assemble group will help you outfit an advanced evaluated datacentre that meets your developing requirements of a hybrid infrastructure fit datacentre.

We will coordinate power, cooling, IT Infrastructure, networking, datacentre environment monitoring observing with a vital spotlight on datacentre power productivity allowing you to accomplish higher flexibility, cost regulation, and a more flexible impression.

Cloud Computing

We will help you join the advantages of public and private clouds. Our portfolio incorporates hybrid cloud solutions for building and dispatching hybrid IT conditions.



Virtualization will assist you with bringing down expenses and increase efficiency. However, it's not, at this point enough to simply virtualize.

Sofware-Defined computerization and orchestration alongside hyper merged and composable foundations can assist you with smoothing out and deal with your activities effectively allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Edge Computing and IoT

Internet of things will assist you with interfacing the detached and gain bits of knowledge at the Edge. Gather and analyze information from connected resources to convey noteworthy experiences utilizing our IoT and Edge solutions.