Security Solutions

BNS’s  security portfolio helps enterprises to manage the ever-changing threat landscape and prepare the organization to proactively deal with Cyber Attacks. We deal with the following services to cater to eternal security concerns of our customers

  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Biometric
  • CCTV
  • DLP

End Point Protection

Rapidly discover and remediate assaults on your endpoints so profitability isn’t undermined. With new degrees of robotization and centrally managed visibility into dangers, our endpoint protection arrangements help raise your protection.


CCTV & Surveillance

Get permeability on your whole grounds utilizing our IP Surveillance and CCTV arrangements.


We cover the whole range including connectivity, cameras, video management software, video storage, and video analytics.

Biometric Solutions

There are a lot of issues with having a physical password as it is prone to hacking and cracking.


Our biometric products increase the security of the organization by fulfilling all the security requirements.


Data Leak Prevention

Guarantee that clients don’t send delicate or critical data outside the corporate organization.


Use business rules to order and secure significant and secret data so clients can’t unintentionally or mmaliciusly share information whose exposure could put your organization in danger.