Network Solutions

BNS provides Fast and Secure Connectivity across organization by solving Network challenges related to Compatibility, Complexity, Scalability, Bandwidth and Security Concerns. We  deal with the following services and provide accessories from the top brands like Cisco, D-Link, Netgear etc.

  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Wireless Networking
  • Software Defined Networking


Have an organization that is secure, quick, and simple. Our switches will deal with your organization traffic for today and the increase in network data of the organization that is most likely to happen tomorrow.


With an arrangement of versatile changes from the edge to the core, we will ensure that your organization doesn’t turn into the bottleneck for the development of your business.


simplify complex networks with our clever open guidelines based routing arrangements.


With fixed ports, modular and virtual & remote switches, our portfolio will associate your working environment with superior gadgets that you can rely upon.



Fulfill the needs of your wireless network by sending quick, dependable Wi-Fi performance in mobile and IoT serious conditions.


Our Access Points and Controllers give a simple method to scale your wireless network while keeping up security and performance.


Work today includes groups spread across time regions. Our solutions including Unified Communications, Audio, and Video Conferencing, and End Point Collaboration will rearrange cooperation and unite individuals from different topographies


Software Defined Networking

software characterized networking innovation is a way to deal with network management that empowers dynamic, automatically proficient organization set up to improve network execution and observation, making it more like cloud computing than customary network management.

Passive Cabling

The establishment of a steady, good performance network is the basics of passive cable foundation. Organized cabling should be effective, stylishly satisfying, and sticking to technical standards to address performance issues of today and later on.


Our Passive Cabling plan and implementation group will deal with all your passive networking requirements – planning, laying, testing, and certification.