IT Infrastructure Services

BNS helps enterprises, organizations to manage their infrastructure better by providing various services to its clients. We help business with the following services

  • System administration and Desktop Management- (Maintenance, Monitoring, Patch/anti-virus updates etc.)
  • Administration of Email and Messaging solution-(MS Exchange, Spam Filtering etc.)
  • Storage management Service- (NAS,SAN,RAID, Data Backup etc.)
  • Network and Network Security Management- LAN,WAN,VPN etc.

Systems Administration and Desktops Management

  • System Administration, Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Windows Active Directory Management
  • Patch / Anti-virus Updates Management
  • Technology Upgrades/Rollovers/Migrations

Administration of Email / Messaging Solutions

  • MS Exchange/Send Mail
  • Spam Filtering
  • User Creation/Deletion/Management of Messaging Solutions
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Storage Management Services

  • Storage (NAS/SAN) Management/ RAID Configurations
  • Systems and Data Backup Management
  • Snapshot and Clones Management

Network and Network Security Management

  • Network Architecture Design and Implementation
  • LAN / WAN Administration
  • Network Security Management (Firewalls, VPN Policies)